Lyrics and Chords

Here are some pages with the chords, lyrics and a link to a recording of my own songs.

600 Songs

7 Years Old in El Salvador

Always a Villain

Another Mile

Autumn Muse

Ballad of the Four Horsemen

Battle of the Trees – Part 1

Battle of the Trees – Part 2

Before You Were Born

Being a Hobbit

Better Than Decent Girls


Burned Through

Cabin Fever

Cad Goddeu (The Battle of the Trees)

Change or Perish

Cheesy Love Song

Chocolate Santa (Parody)

Choose to Challenge

Christmas in China

Climate Changers

Comfortably Dumb

Crush the Union

Death of the Red Dragon

Deep Water

Democracy Sausage

Fake King of New England

Finch in the Coal Mine

Find Your Wings

Florence of the Airwaves

Four Treasures

Go Inside

Heart Song


Hey Jupiter

Hong Kong 2019

How America Falls

I Wish I Was a Gryffindor

I’m just a Jock

It’s Hard to Be Karen

Jarrett’s Private Tears

Jesus The Carpenter

Jólakötturinn (Yule Cat)

Just a Little Left

Kepler’s Song


Let Me In

Letters From Hell

Life Will Find a Way

Look Away

Mars Rovers

Mary Did You Stay?

Merry Friggin’ Christmas

Mr Gold

My Last Positive Song

Neighbour of the Beast



Now We Are Six

Number Two

On the Suez Canal

One Small Step

Pillars of Democracy

Previously Unsung Heroes

R2’s Song

Red Riding Hood

Respect for Confucius


Sing Noel (Buy Christmas)


Small Town

Song for Colin

Song for George Floyd

Star Stuff

Suffer the Children

The 10 Sons of Haman

The Ballad of Louis Renault

The Ballad of Ned Smelly

The Circle Journey

The Elm Tree

The Fairy Blade

The Flood

The Fool

The Frederick

The IoT Song

The Ketch Ceres

The Loss of the Birkenhead

The Muon Wobble

The Shady Willows

The Simple Life

The Singer and the Song

The Widow Whitgift

Time is Running Out

Tons of Sharks

Toxic Masculinity

Travelling Light

Tune Your Lyre

Violent Night

Voice Treaty Truth

Washpen Creek

Water Don’t Flow

We See You

Whale Meat Again

William’s Razor

Winter Solstice

Wolf at the Door

Wombat Rural Fire Service

Yass Valley Wind Farm Song

Yass Water

You Bastards

You Can’t Hurry Lunch

Zombie Sheep of the Murrumbidgee