Live Streams

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic here in Australia in March/April 2020 I have, like many musicians, being streaming live concerts, or appearing on the streams of others.

Below are some links and descriptions to those concerts:

Song Swap with the fabulous Piers Cawley in February 2022 (removed).

Singing for Aya Katz and friends on 5 February 2022:

Singing for Aya Katz and Julia Hanna on 14 March 2020:

FilkOntario Concert 10 April 2021:

Album play through for Zombie Sheep of the Murrumbidgee, 21 August 2021:

Positive Songs Project album play through 12 September 2020 :

Yule Cat Christmas album play through, 22 December 2021:

Halloween Sing, 2022

True and Righteous Way Album Playthrough