Farming the Rage

A Parody by Daniel Kelly and Paula L ( base on Home on the Range)

D                          G    Gm
Oh give me a meme, the American dream,
     D               E7         A7
that the punters will all click away,
     D                    G          Gm
Where never is heard, even one honest word,
     D               A7         D
And the anger is on full display.

  D        A7     D
Farm, farming the rage,
Where the fear and uncertainty play,
Where seldom is found, any argument sound,
And the balance was long thrown away.

How often at night, in the glowing screen’s light,
On the book of the face, or the ‘gram,
You’ll shout and you’ll frown, at the lies I have grown,
It’s basically money for jam.

Oh that is my brand, the blight of the land,
Any thing that will capture your goat,
At Karen and Chad, I’ll make you feel mad,
It’s hatred that sure floats my boat.

You wish that I'd leave, No more cause you to grieve
At the violence and death I effect.
For the horrors I cause, and the corrupted laws
It's the world I am trying to wreck.

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