The Frog and the Scorpion

by Daniel Kelly 2023

Help me cross the river,
     C               G
Said the scorpion to the frog,
     C               G
It won’t take but a minute,
           Am             D
You’ll be back upon your log.

     C            G
Why would anyone help you,
     C            G
The frog boldly replied,
     C               G
We all know you’re a killer,
     C          D    G
I’m not giving you a ride.

Listen said the scorpion,
You’ve got the story wrong,
I’m not a ruthless murderer,
And the river’s wide and long.

I’m not much of a swimmer,
And you can swim so well,
Give me a ride this one time,
And I’ll promise not to tell.

The frog he listened carefully,
To the scorpions sorry plea,
Was he really such a monster,
How could that possibly be,

I’ll let you ride upon my back,
If you promise not to sting,
If you do that, you’ll doom us both,
T’would be a foolish thing.

The scorpion climbed upon the frog,
He swam out from the bank,
But when they reached the middle,
Deep in the stinger sank,

You’ve killed us both yelled out the frog,
You vicious crazy fiend,
You promised me you wouldn’t,
Why did I help someone in need,

A scorpion’s a scorpion,
No matter what is said,
All creatures live their nature,
Be sure to use your head,

Some folks will tell you anything,
To get what they think they need,
Even if it kills you,
That’s the nature of their greed.


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