Top Hat on Lake George

by Daniel Kelly 2023

     G                        D      G
Lake George is just lovely at this time of year,
           C               Am         G               D
And there’s nothing like sailing to bring you some cheer,
     G                      D             G
I set out Friday morning the weather was fine,
     C          G            D        G
The sun and the water, and feeling sublime,

          C          D               G       C
Now I’m stranded on George in my Top Hat and tails,
           C         D              G          Em  
The wind blows me in circles though fluttering sail,
     G          C          G          C
I’ve only one oar, so I just turn around,
     G             D            G
I hope that real soon I’ll be found.

I don’t have a sailboat, but I did have a sheet,
Tied to a broom-handle, my ship is complete,
But the thing I forgot, as I set out that day,
Is a boat that can’t tack will go only one way.

Now darkness has fallen, the wind starts to rise,
The rough lake’s night water comes over the sides,
What’s that I see flashing, far off on the shore,
After SES rescue I’ll be on TV for sure,






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