Turning the Law Wheel

     G               Em
Now Lucy found a book within the
  C             D
House of the magician,
     G               Em
A magic book with spells and charms to
     C    D
fix any condition.
     G               Em
And Bastian read the book he stole,
          C          D
After attic stairs ascending,
     G          Em
The story of Fantasia,
           C          D      G
Which, it seems, was never ending.

Now this book is a special one,
With wisdom for the ages,
The secrets of the universe,
Revealed within the pages,
An essential read for clerics,
Wizards, bards and mages,
And the reason that the CCP,
Keeps good people in cages.

The Bible is a relic,
Of days from long ago,
When it comes to naming authors,
We really just don’t know,
Not many folks have read it,
But lots of them say so,
It’s a sequel to the Torah,
And we all know how they go.

There is only so much time you have,
In life for which to read,
Unless you are Hermione,
With a time-turner’s magic speed,   
So consider reading this book,
It will sure be worth your while,
If you have ever sat and wondered,
At life, its joys and trials.

A book that’s given freely,
to all of humankind,
That teaches truth and tolerance,
and kindness of the mind.

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