Rusted to the Tracks

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

Once you’d hear my whistle,
     C               G
From way down by the river,
     C                    G
My smoke would fill the valley,
     Am                 D
My steel made tracks to shiver,
I would bring the folks and mail,
           C    D      G
I would carry wool and flour,
           C          G          D
Those days were the height of my power.

Now I’m rusted to the tracks,
     C          G
I’m not going anywhere,
     C                    G
There for sure are new horizons,
        Am             D
But to travel I don’t care,
No more for me the whistle,
           C               G
Or the screaming of the steel,
     C               G
I’ve forgotten what it is to
really feel.

The tramway it was opened,
Back In eighteen ninety two,
Connecting Yass to Sydney,
And Melbourne city too,
It was supposed to go to Canberra,
But just like now as then,
We are governed by incompetent old men

The kids they climb aboard,
Drive me in their minds,
Stoke the coal fed fire,
Wheels being to grind,
I’m flying down the rails,
Just as I did before,
But in the real world,
I don’t do that any more.

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