Take Your Voice

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

It seems a simple choice,
          F         G
To give everyone a voice
But maybe there’s more
     F             G
To this than there seems.

When you look at what was done,
With disease, the cross and gun,
There may be reason,
To doubt sincerity.

Is the voice really a ploy,
To share the freedom others enjoy,
On paper, but not
In reality?

           C                G
Give us a voice, An honest voice,
               F           G
A voice with dignity and power,
Not just a voice,
through which we cower,
We’ll find our voice,

If the things that they decide,
Wash away with every tide,
As the politicians
Nod their heads and sneer,

Like a toddler in the car,
Steering a fake wheel near and far,
This voice is just an
Insult in disguise

It continues 200 hundred years,
Of abuse and fear and tears,
It’s a treaty and the
Truth we really need

When your land you didn’t cede,
To the white conqueror’s greed,
Demand a voice,
That also comes with power


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