by Daniel Kelly

G               C      G       C
They call me a Social Justice Warrior
     F          C          G
For trying to change the world,
     F          G          C    G    F
A snowflake, a dreamer, a bleeding heart,
     F         G      C  G F
But I’m just here to do my part
F          G          C
A voice against the crowd.

         C             G        C          F
You have cut down the trees, Poisoned the seas,
 F         G          C          F
Raped the earth, done as you please
     Am        F          G         C
My message is simple, not hard to explain,
     F               Am         G         C
Stop fracking and polluting for power and gain,
F               C          G
Preserve the earth for the young.

You keep women down, don’t give them a choice,
Laugh at their stories, and silence their voice,
They are partners and equals, not chattel or slaves,
Mothers and sisters, wise caring and brave,
It’s time for the balance to change.

You trample on cultures, a thousand years old,
Their dreaming is packaged, to be bought and sold,
You have something to learn from the lives they have led,
Their care for each other, and the land that they tread,
Respect the wisdom they hold.

Your children taught violence, and hatred and greed,
Stunted and twisted, fed the capital creed,
Teach them to love, respect for the earth,
To balances their goals, with the futures worth,
To walk light on the ground.

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