Pillars of Democracy

by Daniel Kelly - 2019

C                          G             D
They’re chipping at the pillars of democracy,
C                      G           D                         
Freedom falls in the name of security,
       Am                   Em       C                  G
By the chisel and the jackhammer, watch them as they fall,
C                G          D                G
Soon to be the cage that will surround us all.
              C             Em     D
Open your eyes and stand up for democracy.
              C             G      D
Don’t let the lies, destroy our democracy

       Em                                D            
On the 5th of June in Sydney town, the men in suits they came,
Am                   G                    D
Tasked to re-write history, hide the evidence and blame.
C                 G                D               G
Freedom of the press, is a rock on which we stand,
C                          G                 D
Now the fear and anger spreads across the land.

This wasn’t about saving lives, the horse had left the gate,
To keep this story under wraps, it clearly was too late,
This was only retribution, to intimidate the press,
Uncover crimes of the government, you’ll be in a mess,

This house of our democracy, is built on four strong towers,
Justice and Equity, the right to elect power,
The fourth it is our freedom, to hear and speak what’s true,
Even when it is uncomfortable for the few

This wasn’t the first occurrence, ask Bernard and Witness K,
They’d come from raiding Annika, just the other day,
It’s nothing to do with me says the Prime Minister,
But the truth is something for more sinister,

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