Even Heelers Get the Blues

by Daniel Kelly – 2023

  Em           D
I woke up feeling good today,
     Em        D     Em
Well at least feeling okay,
     G                  D
But to tell the truth, I’ve been feeling down,
C         G        D
And it just won’t go away,
     C             D
But I’ve got two girls depend on me,
     Em                  C    D
And I love my wife it’s true,
          C G D          Em
But even heelers, get the blues.

Last week we took a holiday,
To get away from it all,
But those troubles bundled up inside,
Just like a rubber ball,
I tried to throw them in the sea,
But they rolled right back on through,

I need to get out to the gym,
But I just don’t have the time,
And all those tasty cookies,
Are sure filling my waistline,
I want a life of happiness,
But none of us get to choose,

I’ve bought myself some vitamins,
To take the pain away,
Or give my back some youthful joy,
I’m not sure what to say,
I think I need to ask for help,
That’s what I’m going to do

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