Life Will Find a Way

by Daniel Kelly - 2018

          G                       C             G
When the first cell divided, four billions years ago
     C                G          Am            D
The first step on a journey, to reach the life we know
G                                        C         G 
Dividing and dividing, spreading out in time and space
         C             G           D             G
Giving colour to our eyes, and structure to our face

       C           D    G         C         D         G   
And so on the journey we go, the branches divide and grow,
     C             D         G    C         D    Em
Changing and learning each day, life will find a way
C         D         G
Yes life will find a way,

The have been several hiccups, some pruning of the tree,
The unicorns and dinosaurs, were just not meant to be
But remember we’re all children, of that same cell in the ooze,
In pursuit of perfection, someone has to lose.

Now we’re messing up the planet, in pursuit of wealth and fame
But life she is a gambler, and playing the long game
When it comes time for humanity, to be severed from the tree,
The three eyed flying slug-worms, will laugh about us over tea

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