Mars Rovers

G                                             C
We’ve been the mars rovers on the red planet here,
G                   D                      G
Sing ourselves happy birthday, once every year,
G                                     C
But now someone else has spoiled our fun,
      G                          D          G
That damn inSight probe seems to be number one.

           D               G               C
And it’s No, Nay, Never, No Nay Never No More,
          G             C        D          G
Will you see the Mars Rovers, No Never, No More

We rescued Matt Damon when they left him behind,
Alone in a sandstorm hungry and blind,
Sure the insight has drillers and a sensor that feels,
But what kind of probe doesn’t have any wheels?

We’ll roll into history, forgotten by all,
Dust on our panels, we’ve made our last call,
But remember our Spirit, we Sojourned here first,
Destined to slake Curiosity’s thirst.

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