Respect for Confucius

   Em                           G          D
I taught virtue and truth, to a China in strife,
     Em            D            Em   D    Em
I struggled with violence, for all of my life.

Em              G          D        Em
For two thousand years, my legacy spread,
           G          D               Em   D    Em
Bringing honour and goodness to the lives people led

G               D          Em                              D
In my name, In my name, You spread hatred and blame in my name
Em                   D          Em
Bringing sorrow and shame to my name

The communist scourge, in nineteen forty nine,
Came to trample my precepts and erase me from mind.
So I find it absurd, that in two thousand and four,
They hijacked my name, to propagate their war

Every thing they stand for, is an insult to me,
They hate tradition and truth, and they despise the free
Confucius indeed, my name drew respect,
But in China today, it speaks of neglect, 

Children sings songs of Mao, and the Communist State,
A despot a tyrant, who wrote a murderous fate.
We pretend to teach language, but spread hateful ideas,
While Tibet and Xinjiang, are still drowning in tears

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