Let Me In

by Daniel Kelly - 2015

G                                                   C                      G
I’m writing you from fair Manus Island
                           G                                     C                    G
Where it’s hot and we don’t have much to do
                   G                     D
Hanging on to a dream
                C                                 G
That one day we might be,
                   G                         D                        G                 C G
On the free sunny shores of Australia

                                 G                        D                          C                      G
Please Let me in, let me go, let me make myself a home
                Em                              G                         D
Let me heal from the pain and the fear
                    G                                D
I’m a person just like you,
                     C                      G
With dreams and family too
                  C                              D             G
A fair go is all that I ask of you

I’m not coming to sell you my religion
Religion’s what I’m mostly running from
I just want to be free, To live in safety
In a country that is free from oppression

Your government’s been painting us with terror
Something to be caged and beaten down
We are people just like you
And we thought that it was true
That your boundless plains were there for the sharing

                     D (just this verse)
The locals here are kind, they only beat us sometimes,
We’re doing all we can to hold on,
But the mind’s a fragile thing
And our hope is dwindling
Please don’t stand by this cruel incarceration


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