by Daniel Kelly – 2020

G                C
Sky above me, ground below,
D                G
Looking for a new ways to grow,
Let me breath and listen,
C                D
Feel and see and hear,

    G                    C   
Every stranger may turn out to be,
D                         G
A friend in time and destiny,
G                     C               D
Adventures waiting just around the bend,

G        D        G            C
So I’ll run and run, till the day is done,
G            D            Em       C
I’ll run and run,  While I feel the sun,
             G     D      G
I’ll just  run and run and run

Some days the people that you meet,
Have gentle hands and voices sweet,
Other days are violent and cold

But they cannot shade my glowing heart,
It’s burned with fire from the start,
My light will never dim as I grow old,


A mystery in every tree,
The universe is guiding me,
She takes my hand, 
leads me through world.

The constant patter of my feet,
A smile from every soul I greet,
So much to see, to grow and love and learn.

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