We See You

by Daniel Kelly – 2020

Dm                         C
What can we do when the memories they fade?
              G                        Am
When the tracks in the mind, forget where they’re laid,
       Dm                   Am
The sight of a friend, a familiar face,
       G                          Am
Sparks no recognition, just a blank empty space.

The wheels of the mind, that once spun fast and free,
Now grind on so slowly, with rust and debris,
The pinons cut cleanly, now broken and through,
Rattle on axles, not sure what to do.

C         G       Am    C  G     Am
But we still see you, just as you were,
and we still hear you, just as you were.

This monster you grapple, day after day,
A moment you’re here, next moment away.
I can see your anguish, the burgeoning fear
As you struggle to find, thoughts that are clear.

I hope that some memories, are solid and strong,
Those ones that you cling to, places long gone,
A moment in childhood, a small furry friend,
To carry you through, the dark lonesome end,


When you are released, from this broken down cage,
From the engines of time, and the sorrows of age,
I know that your spirit, in clarity bright,
Will fly to the future, with unfettered sight.

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