Song for George Floyd

By Daniel Kelly 2020

Em                      C
Since they shot young Medgar Evers,
     G       D
Way back in 63’
Em                      C
To be a black man in America,
G                     D
Is to never truly be free,

              C                  G
There are blessings we take for granted,
          G             D
To be respected by the law,
     Em                 C
To be taken at the strength of our word,
   G                    D
Instead of the clothes we wore,

     Em                    C
You can’t fight fire with fire,
          G            D
Then everything just burns,
     Em                           C
With the hate rising higher and higher,
     G              D
Madness is all we earn,  

George Floyd may not have been perfect,
He had even done some time,
But he was father of two daughters,
and not guilty of a crime,

For a bill of twenty-dollars,
The shop owner thought was fake,
George died on the ground,
with a knee in his neck,
His life wasn’t theirs to take
There is silence from the White House,
Except for the threat of a gun,
No sign of reconciliation,
Just more death when the fighting is done,

I remember there was a President,
It seems so long ago,
Whose voice it rang out in Amazing Grace,
Compassion he knew how to show,


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