Go Inside

by Daniel Kelly - 2020
G                    C      D
Close your eyes and go inside, 
Em                              C       D
when you’re struggling in the rising tide,
C      D        G           C
a universe of peace you’ll find,
       Em         D         G
when you close your eyes and,
C      D      G
journey inside.

G                        C         D
Lost in the crowds of lies and gold,
G                    C        D
Searching for some truth to hold,
C             D      G      C
The answer’s not in your TV,
G                          C      D
But under the shade of a sleepy tree.

Fighting for that piece of gain,
To make your mark and stake your claim,
But fighting’s not the way to be,
For what you take, returns to me.

Looking at the world with pride,
With enemies on the other side,
We aren’t so different rich and poor,
We exit by a common door,

Learn to care for all you meet,
Leave your kindness on the street,
With a humble and a loving heart,
This is where your journey starts.

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