Isaac and an AR-15

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

Asus              Em
They are lain upon the altar,
     G               Asus
Tied down by hate and fear,
         C            Am
Looking over to the thorn bush,
        G             Am
A young ram entangled there

But the knife it gleams in lifted hand,
That sleek AR-15
And the father’s ears are deafened,
To the bleating and the screams,

And he demands a sacrifice,
He who made the stars,
That god of blood and violence,
The champion of Mars

And the stones they cry out hungry,
For the slaughter to begin,
For it feeds the wealth and power,
Of the nation drenched in Sin,

Sins of gluttony and anger,
Of jealousy and spite,
Of the arrogance and violence,
That drives those on the right,

Sins of pride and smug indulgence,
In the freedom without price,
As the left smashes the order,
Which once told virtue from vice

Take them down from the altar,
Those lives yet to begin,
Cast the knife and gun into the lake,
And turn away from sin,

Not the sins of your religion,
The worshiping of gold,
But the sin of your indifference,
And a heart the beats so cold


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