The Upside Down

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

There’s a growling in the forest,
         C        Dm
And a crackle in the air,
    Am                  G
As the lights they start to flicker,
But you see nothing is there,
    Dm               Am
The air’s heavy with the darkness,
         C           G
As the dust is floating down,
When you are living,
C        G            Am
When you are Living in the Upside Down

When you rolled dice for protection,
But you should have rolled for fire,
There’s Eleven in the basement,
And the stakes are getting higher,
Be careful at the quarry,
If you fall in you will drown,

And you cannot trust the government,
They’re never what they seem,
Experiments behind the blast doors,
You can hear the children scream,
The thing that they’ve awoken,
Will soon destroy the town

But the will to find the lost boy,
It drives companions three,
Past the conflict and the liars,
The truth will set you free,
But you better bring a gun girl,
And make your mother frown,

At last the evil Doctor,
Destroyed by his own beast,
The town in celebration,
A well earned Christmas feast,
But I fear it isn’t over,
Stranger things will come around,

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