Remember June 4

Em   G    Em    G
No Candles in Victoria Park,
     C          G                    D
After thirty years of lighting the dark,
     Em     G        Em           C
The poison cloud from China has spread,
     Em            G       D               G
To once free Hong Kong, where democracy’s dead.

No flames recall the students songs,
In freedom gathered 10,000 strong,
Single souls with candle lights,
Burning freedom, into the night.

  C        G
Remember June 4,
   D       G
Remember June 4,
   Em           G
You want us to forget,
    D           G
But we remember June 4.

The bodies in the tower’s frame,
Destroyed by police, to hide China’s shame,
But the pillar lives in a million hearts,
The shame still screams, though torn apart

The heroes of Tiananmen square,
Who cried out freedom and democracy there,
Were slaughtered by the thousand that day,
Their memories can’t be hidden away.

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