God Made Cats

by Daniel Kelly – 2022

        G       C      G
On the six days of creation,
D                 G
God made all the things,
      G       C      G
The planets and the water
The trees and birds with wings,
            G       C         G
She made doctors, frogs and lawyers,
         C      D   Em
But a little after that,
          G        C        G
On the seventh day of creation,
G     D    G
God made cats.

          C               G
She made cats, she made cats,
         G         C     G
On the seventh day of creation,
G    D    G
God made cats

On the seventh day she rested,
Or so you have been told,
But let me share a secret,
If I may be so bold,
She wasn’t really resting,
She pulled something from her hat

So cats got all the best bits,
That creation had to give,
They’re fast and smart and furry,
With nine fine lives to live,
They expect humans to serve them,
After all they hunt the rat

And cats they well remember,
That they were made the last,
The pinnacle, the zenith,
Of all creations past,
As they contemplate life’s mysteries
While sitting on your lap

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