by Daniel Kelly, 2018

    G           Em         C               D
One eye on the world, the one that we all see,
  G            Em           C            D
Another on the universe, of myth and majesty,
      G             Em       C             D
You bought to us a window, with brush and paint and pen,
       G            E            C    D        G
The essence of the landscape, of women and of men.
   G          C     D          G
Soul of the town, soul of the town,
     C               G           Am D         G C G
They say that the artist, is the soul of the town

Though your light shone so brightly, far across the world it flowed,
You always lent a guiding hand, to fellow artists on the road,
In shoes that sparkled with defiance, of all things dull and slow,
You walked the town from north to south, inspiring all to laugh and grow

You were keeper of the history, The stories of time and place,
Memories in Comur and Old Linton, You gave Oddfellows a new face,
And though you have moved along, the red shawl on its flight,
We treasure the seeds and marks you left us, we’re still smiling in your light.

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