The Elm Tree

by Daniel Kelly – 2018

C        F      G   C    F        G       C
Standing by the river, looking up to the town,
C            G           F        C
My roots are deep, my branches strong,
F          G         C        F         G
My life a note in,  natures song.

         F           G      C          F            C         G
Through flood and wind and fire, I’ve stood here through the years,
       F        G      Em     Am       F      G         C
I’ve seen the changes come and go, the smiles and the tears.

I was born in 1855, when Yass was still a child,
I watched her grow, from field to town,
As my branches rose, and roots grew down.

I’ve seen the young ones at my feet, play and dance and grow,
And lovers new, enjoy the view,
Sharing my shade, two by two

I’ve seen the river rage in flood, take bridge and building down,
I’ve seen the snow, seen the fire burn,
The wind it blows as the seasons turn,

The council tried to cut me down, a burden to maintain,
But I stand, still the same,
A watcher here, I will remain

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