Ballad of the Four Horsemen

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

Am                     G               C         G             Am
And I looked and saw a white horse, galloping across the plane,
Am               G              G       Am
And the horse a rider, pestilence his name,
C                  G         Am           G                          
On his head was a corona, in in his hand a bow,
 Am                    G          C           G    Am
On earth he loosed his arrows, piercing lungs below.

C             G            Am    C        G             Am
After the white horse comes war, After the white horse comes war,
C                        G         C                    G
For the people on of the earth,   The gods are settling scores,
C          G               Am
After the white horse comes war.

And I looked and saw the red horse, he was rising in the East,
Sharpening the sickle, preparing for the feast,
After slaughtering the people, for almost a hundred years,
The Red Dragon awakens, ready for spreading tears.

Then a horse a black as midnight, it cantered down the hill,
His rider held the scales, and a mouth he could not fill,
He stole the bread from many, a billion people starved,
But the rich still drank in comfort, Burning petrol in their cars.

The final rider beckons, Skeletal is his hand,
On horse that’s pale and sickly, Sweeping over the land,
He hunts down the survivors, Of all that’s come before,
Dragging the unwilling, Down to the darkest door.

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