The Circle Journey

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

  D                   G                     D
Life is born and blossoms, it flourishes in the sun,
               A          G          D
It grows and moves and revels, learning to become,
D                 G      D             A
Connected to a universe, so vast and wild and free,
D             G                 D
Learning the hardest lesson, learning just to be.

With time we are connected, to the soil and the sea,
To the lives that come across our path, seeking harmony,
In the turmoil of society, we gain our scars and tears,
Working through the lessons, overcoming fears.

All things to an end must come, the time to shrink fade,
To silently reflect on, the journey and friends made,
A graceful drift into the void, waiting to come once more,
And take the circle journey, the lies beyond the door.

But now we rage against it, the dying of the light,
With chemical and microscope, we fight the coming night,
Our universe has laws beyond, our simple human ken,
And nothing that we do can stop, the story writers pen.


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