Once Again (in Afghanistan)

By Daniel Kelly – 2021

            G      C                 D
There were women, on the streets of Kabul
           G                 C             D
With their hair uncovered, dancing in the breeze,
           Em              C
They were learning, driving cars,
     G               C
And reaching for the stars,
     Bm              D’
In Afghanistan, in 1970

     G             C  
Once again, once again,
Em      G            C
We will be there once again,
     G          C               D
No matter how deep the darkness seems
     G          C
Once again, once again,
     Bm              C
I’ll meet with you then,
When the women and the
   D             G
country both are free.

There were women, singing there in Kabul,
Watch Hangama, there on the TV,
Sharing the stage with men,
We’ll see that once again,
In Afghanistan, inevitably.

When the women, flew out of Kabul,
They weren’t fleeing, violence and hate,
They were the pilots and the crew,
Of Kam Air, in February 22,
In Afghanistan, say it’s not too late

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