Previously Unsung Heroes

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

Dm               C          Dm          Am
I’ll sing you a song of a band of bold heroes,
F                 C         Dm            Am
A band of bold heroes that work in our town,
Dm                        C        Dm            Am
But they do not wield lances, or ride on white chargers,
Dm                   C             F             Dm
They don’t conjure spirits, or call the rain down,

But their stacking the shelves, down at the ALDI,
They’re working the checkouts, with never a frown,
It’s something you realise, in times of great crisis,
The worlds supermarkets, keep it spinning round.

F                  C           Dm                 Am
Heil, Heil, the ALDI crew, You know we all depend on you,
Dm C          Dm    Am     Dm            C      Dm
Working hard to see us through, Heil,Heil the ALDI crew.

I’ll keep their names secret, they’re not seeking glory,
They work from the dawn, till the sun’s going down,
Exchanging the foot spa or set of new beach towels,
I don’t want the blue, could you swap for the brown?

There may be no flour, and no toilet paper,
But today there was meat, and a broccoli crown,
Be kind to your heroes, you can’t live without them,
They’re the ones you can trust, when your ships going down

Say thankyou the next time, they scan in your wine box,
It may be the only face you see for three days,
They do not wear capes, or leap of tall buildings,
But they’re keeping us sane in the bravest of ways.






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