The Simple Life

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

 G          Am              C             G
Give me a simple life, free of hurry and of strife,
              G       Bm            D
Let me breath and watch the world go by,
G                  Am             C             G
Part of nature’s grand design, changing moving all the time,
       C             D             G
But constant as the mountains and the sea.

Let me have simple dreams, not chasing every spark that gleams,
To grow, to love, to spend time with a friend,
To care for creatures great and small, to share the bounty with them all,
And walk the road with wonder till the end.

Sing simple songs into the night, memories dancing in the light,
To capture life’s essence in each word,
Let’s ride emotions fickle waves, and even sometimes misbehave,
And celebrate the wonder of our world,

For shelter and a place to rest, simple food is always best,
A garden for the hands and for the soul,
To listen to each blackbird call, to watch the cat upon the wall,
To feel the seasons turning in your bones.

To seek the truth in word and deed, in simpleness we will be freed,
The suffering of each is but our own,
So lend a hand to those in doubt, look within and share without,
To glory in the gift of growing old.






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