Jesus The Carpenter

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

G             Em            C             G
Jesus he was a carpenter, who lived some years ago,
       C             D                           G
Was he ever a real person, well I guess we’ll never know.
G                    Em            C                 G
They say he helped the blind to see, turned water into wine,
       C             D             D                    G
He spoke of peace and tolerance, amidst the violence of his time.

Jesus he was a refugee, from his occupied homeland,
To prostitutes and lepers, he often lent a hand,
He taught the proud a thing or to, about what goodness really means,
And for that they hung him on a tree, ending all his dreams,

But the follower of Jesus, I just don’t understand,
The death cult started after him, is really out of hand,
The Pope protects the paedophiles, Westboro Baptists they hate gays,
The televised evangelist, makes sure everyone pays.

And what a bizarre idol, they all seem to revere,
The broken mangled body, of the god they claim to fear,
Why not celebrate his gentleness, love for humanity sublime,
Instead of worshiping his murder, at every Easter time.

And they say that Jesus rose again, to justify their shame,
But when I think about the horror, that’s been done in his name.
I just can’t see him coming back, to such an awful crowd,
That preach hatred and intolerance, screaming his name aloud.

So if you speak to me of Jesus, don’t talk about his blood,
Talk about his tolerance, and talk about his love,
For his kindness and his empathy, for everyone in need,
Demonstrate his message, in every word and in deed.

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