The IoT Song

My watch it connected to my iPhone,
And the iPhone’s connected to my macbook
And my macbook’s connected to my i-Home
Don’t know where my data is stored,

Them phones, them phones, them i-Phones x 3
Don’t know where my data is stored.

Now my Facebook’s connected to my Snapchat,
And my Snapchat’s connected to Tinder,
And my Tinder got shared on 4chan,
Now I’m a reddit karma lord.

Now my fridge is connected to my toaster,
And my toaster is connected to the wifi,
My wifi’s connected to the cloud guy,
Who works for the N.S.A.

Now my TV’s connected to my Xbox
And my Xbox’s connected to Netflix,
And My Netflix’s connected to my credit card,
Gonna be a victim of identity fraud.

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