Red Riding Hood

G                          C          G
Oh and red, blood red, is my velvet cape, 
     C       G          D
And dark my coal black hair,
     G    C          G    D
The day I strayed into the woods, 
C          D       G
Without a worldly care

I set out early on that morn, 
A basket in my hand,
To take the path down through the woods,
To my grandmothers house I ran,

I met a kind man on the way,
Showed me where the flowers grew,
He said beware of strangers girl,
As on the path I flew,

When at grandmother’s house I came,
A man stood at the door, 
A grimy huntsman tall and rough,
I’d never seen before. 

The huntsman grabbed me by the arm,
And dragged me to the bed, 
My grandmother counted out the gold,
That sold my maiden-head, 

Just as I screamed both loud and shrill,
A thumping at the door, 
The stranger burst in with his sword,
Cut the huntsman to the floor.

A warning take from me dear girls, 
Ere ye be young or old, 
Beware the greed of family, 
Who’ll sell your heart for gold.

4 thoughts on “Red Riding Hood

  1. I just heard this on your nOVFF concert: it was so creepy to hear that I was shivering. It is an amazing song. Thank you for coming to nOVFF so I could hear you.

    1. Hi Elizabeth,

      I wasn’t expecting to write such a grim song, but sometimes they just arrive that way. It was great to be able to participate in OVFF from so far away!


  2. Down a rabbit hole and here I landed at red riding hood. It is one of my favourites: a story, with atmosphere, images, a twist and an ear worm of a tune.
    Plus, I really like your voice.

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