Suffer the Children

By Daniel Kelly - 2019

Am          G                 Am
The game is up, you’re now exposed,
     C          G      Am        G
What once was hidden, everyone knows,
Am               G        C           G
For years you sheltered, behind the robes,
Am              G                Am
Where there is power, sickness grows.

G             Am      C             G
Suffer the children, Suffer the children
C               G         Am            D
The suffering children, abused by your hand,
G                  Am          C          G
The chapels and cloisters, so finely constructed,
C           G                Am       D
The elegant robes, and the arrogant words.
        G         Am
We’re sick of your words

Behind the golden palace walls,
In cloister where the violence crawls,
The putrid heart, in pious song,
A thin veneer on deepest wrong,

The children young and full of life,
Entrusted to your keeping,
Hurt in cruel and violent ways,
You thought that god was sleeping,

Years of shame and anger heaped on,
Those who dare to call you wrong,
But now they day of payment comes,
Small justice for the injured ones.

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