Song for Colin


    G     D          C     D    G
A broken Man, with a heart of gold
         C          G                 D
And a voice of an angel, when he’d sing
G        D        Em     C
Wandering in a foreign land,
G              D      G
No home for restless wings,

C            G        Em  C
You left your home just 22,
C        D        G
Sailed across the sea,
C        G            D       Em
Australia bound, no looking back,
    C                D        G
What could it be that made you leave

You found a voice, with your guitar,
Tales of your home,
The working life, in vibrant song,
Three generations story told

You wandered far across the land,
Drifting from place to place,
The festival stage, was your domain,
When drink hadn’t stole your grace

Returning home in 86,
A broken soul, barely alive,
We world it lost your child mind,
In this land you could never thrive.

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