Comfortably Dumb

a Filk on the great Pink Floyd song.
Is there anybody online?
Just tweet if you can hear me,
Am I on Facebook alone?

Come on now,
I hear your likes are down,
I can boost your fame,
And get you on the front page again.

I need your information first,
Forget about the facts,
Do you own a tighter shirt?

There is no aim you are just scrolling,
The Reddit feed at 2am,
Upvotes are coming through in waves,
Your stats move but no one cares what you’re saying.

When I was a child, I was educated,
To understand the basis of all views,
Now they just ingest a mindless feed,
The can’t explain, they do not understand,
This is not who I am,

Why… have we become comfortably dumb?

Just a little fake news,
There’ll be no more honesty,
But you may feel a little sick,

Can you stand Up?
It wasn’t a bad movie,
But I guess you wouldn’t know,
Unless Fox News told you so.


When I was a child, I had no iPhone,
I had to see the world with my own eyes.
I closed my eyes now it’s all gone,
I cannot put my finger on it now,
The child is owned,
The truth is gone,

Why.. have we become comfortably dumb?

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