Democracy Sausage

by Daniel Kelly 2019

G          C                          G          Em
It’s the sausage of democracy, the symbol of or land
     C               Am             G        D
Handed out at each election, by a dedicated hand.
C                    D               G               C
You can keep your revolution, and your president so grand,
D          C          D          G
By the sausage of democracy we stand.

G                                          C               G
Well the two main parties standing, they are pretty much the same,
C                          G               Am              D
Neither cares for the refugees, or believes in climate change,
C                               D               G          C
They’ve been knifing each other in the back, for near on 20 years,
C               D               G
Our democracy it just might end in tears

We’ve got fascists, we’ve got racists, and the peddlers of hate,
You can buy yourself a party, for 60 million mate,
There are people placed in power, by less than twenty votes,
Could be better governed by a herd of goats.

So when you’re standing in the queue, munching on your snag,
Just remember that while voting, might seem to be a drag,
You could be running from the allied bombs, in Baghdad or Baghouz
So do your part, what have you got to lose?

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