Finch in the Coal Mine

by Daniel Kelly - 2019

Em                                D
Here’s a story of Adani, and of Clive Palmer to,
           G                 D                    C     D       Em
How they promise jobs with better pay, but don’t care much for you,
All the profits will go overseas, or to the pockets of the few
Don’t pretend that you are helpless, There is much that you can do.

I am the finch in the coal mine, the symbol of despair,
Victim of a greedy age, the sweet prince of the air,
Don’t fail to heed my warning, Let’s shut the miners down,
Look to a cleaner future, Leave that poison in the ground,

They want to build a mine in Queensland, that will desecrate the home,
Of the last remaining black throat finch, leaving naught but broken stone,
They say the bird’s just a small price to pay, for our profits and our greed,
Who cares about their habitat, when we have mouths to feed.

Just like that poor canary, the finch is but a sign,
That with it’s sad departure, something worse comes down the line,
When you don’t respect the planet, and destroy it for your greed,
There will be nothing left to help you, come your hour of need.


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