Hush Little Nav Com

by Daniel Kelly 2022

Hush little Nav Com, don’t make a beep
Captain’s tired and needs to sleep.
Keep our course, straight and true,
Asteroid fields you steer us through,

Hush little engines, just make a purr,
Fold through space at the speed of a blur,
Reactor metrics stable and tight,
Pushing us past the speed of light.

Hush little filters, scrub and compress,
Keep the air breathable in bunks and mess,
If that warning light comes one,
Oxygen will fail and we’ll all be gone.

Hush little doctor in med bay,
Keep the viruses away,
Find a cure for the alien flu,
Don’t want crewmates turning blue.

Hush little lasers, hold your fire,
Keep your pulse till their shields expire,
If they don’t surrender soon,
You can blast them to the moon.

Hush little cargo in the hold,
Smugglers life is short and bold,
If we make the drop as planned,
I’m gonna buy me a piece of land.

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