Violent Night

Violent Night, Sorrowful Night,
Poor younglings, too small to fight
Anakin killed them one by one,
Nowhere to hide, nowhere to run,
Murder on Coruscant x2

Violent Night, Terrible Night,
Jedi Temple, drained of light,
Padwans lie dead on the floor,
Yoda’s pupils, learning no more,
The Sith begin to rise x2

Violent Night, Tragic Night,
Dark Side, shows its might,
Palpatine’s schemes have taken their toll
Anger and fear fill Anakin’s soul
All the younglings are dead x2

Violent Night, Saddest Night,
It turns out, Yoda was right,
Much anger sensed he did,
Anakin’s training he did forbid,
Told you so did I x2

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