Christmas in China


G              C       G
The elves are busy working,
C             D         G
In Yiwu just south of Shanghai,
C          D        G        C
14 hours a day, for minimal pay,
Em                 C               G
lungs choked with paint fumes and glue,
G                     C             Bm      Em
It’s a small price to pay, for your festive day,
C            D            Em
and the only job they can do.
C            D           G
It the only job they can do.

C                   D         G
It’s Christmas in Communist China,
C                    D         G
We’re making your iPhones and toys,
Em                D           C         G
There won’t be stockings or Christmas Trees,
C             D         G
No peace or goodwill to men,
C              D          C         G
Just state propaganda, violence and fear
       G           C           G
And a hope it will come to and end

I’m here in the factory prison,
Making purses to sell at Walmart,
I’ve slipped in a note, one that I wrote,
To ask you to tell of my plight,
We work night and day, fading away,
And beaten for working too slow,
Beaten for working too slow.

The political prisoners are dying,
Locked up for what they believe,
As we share the joy, on Christmas day
Their friends and family are far away
Caged and shamed, hidden from view,
By a state that fears the truth,
By a state that fears the truth

The party hangs on to its power,
With violence and money and lies,
The people are lost, paying the cost,
Of smashing and burning their soul,
They tore down the temples, trampled their dreams,
I hope they will find them anew,
I hope they will find them anew

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