Sing Noel (Buy Christmas)

       G              C              D
Gonna buy me some happiness this Christmas
      G          C            D
They got it for sale in the stores,
         C             D
On the shelves going cheap,
         G              C
You can take home and keep,
      Em         C        D
The spirit of Christmas joy.

  G    C     D     G
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
        Em          C    D
We will gather and sing Noel,
             G           Em        D          
Though the world may be going to hell,
         Em        D     G
We will gather and sing Noel

I’ll save women from violence this Christmas,
Teach men and boys respect for them all,
Return power to the child,
The mother and the wife,
Give them freedom from fear

I’m stopping oppression this Christmas,
Freeing the prisoners of faith,
The stateless, the homeless,
The helpless and lost,
Home and friends for all,

Let’s impeach Donald Trump this Christmas,
Heaven knows how he got in,
In less than a year,
He’s bred violence and fear,
Stolen hope from the poor.

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