Jólakötturinn (Yule Cat)

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

Am                   G          Am
Soft paws step on the snow at night,
C             G            Em         Am
Yellow eyes gleam in the midwinters light,
Am                         G          Am
Peering through windows scratching at doors,
C             G            Am   G    Am
Checking if people have done their chores.
   C    G           Am   G    Am
Jola Kurttinn, the Christmas cat,
   C            G          Em     Am
Clothe your children or he’ll grow fat,
C               G      Am G    Am  
For every good parent surely knows,
C                    G          Am
Jola eats children without new clothes.

Spin the wool, work hard in the field,
Save your krona or your fate is sealed,
Make sure the new clothes go under the tree,
For prowling Jola to clearly see. 

Next time your cat climbs the Christmas tree,
A child of Jola, they just might be,
Waiting for you to forget the clothes,
So they can dine on your children’s toes.




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