Merry Friggin’ Christmas

by Daniel Kelly 2020
The year started with fire,
burned Australia till May,
The Wuhan flue in China,
Didn’t just go away,
1.3 million souls are dead,
And the year still isn’t done,
I sure hope things are better,
In 2021.

So merry friggin Christmas,
C                    D
it sure has been a year,
C                          D
But I won’t be drinking egg-nog,
or singing songs of cheer,
Cause Trump’s still in the whitehouse,
G               Em
Covid’s out of control,
     C                    D
It sure won’t feel like Christmas,
D                          G
Till we’re out of this darn hole.

Hong Kong took their democracy
And punched it in the face,
One country two systems,
China laid it all to waste,
Students shot and beaten,
The Communist thugs rule,
The voice of hope and freedom,
Is drowning in the pool.

Now Joe won the election,
He won it fair and square,
But Donald threw a tantrum,
And said it wasn’t fair,
Just like the streak of hair dye,
Down Giuliani’s face,
I need to find a way out,
Of this crazy place.

(last chorus)
I think I’ll take a pass,
And go back into lockdown,
Happy Christmas my Arse.


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