How America Falls

by Daniel Kelly - 2020

       G             C             Em                 D
You say Trump’s the messiah, the great saviour at hand,
       G             C             Em          D
But never has America, been a more divided land.
        G                  Em            C            G
If you think there aren’t good people, across the barricade,
          Em               C             C                    D     
Then the hell you are about to live, is one that you have made.

You say Trump is a monster, but in truth he’s just a man,
Put there by the people, who felt excluded from the plan,
His message of division, it fell on willing ears,
Hardened by isolation, and amplified by fear.

Em            C        G           Em D
This is how America falls,
C                    G
This is how America falls,
 Em           C        G
This is how America falls,
C                D       G
Severed by a thousand walls.

When we give up on our reason, and only see the lies,
It’s easy to see enemies, it’s easy to take sides,
America was built on, the hope for unity,
On justice and tranquillity, eternal liberty.

A nation of diversity, of many different views,
Living in peace together, each with the right to choose,
But now you are against me, or else you’re on my side,
There is no consolation, bridge over the divide.

When Hamilton and Johnson, penned those magic lines,
with Morris, King and Madison, they sought a future fine,
In 1787, the world was brave and new,
Nothing like the tragedy, we now have come to view.

So reach out to your neighbour, whether red or blue,
Learn to live in tolerance, of different points of view,
It is only our compassion, will see us through this night,
And truth will rise just like the sun, revealing what is right.

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