Tune Your Lyre

to 'Never Set the Cat on Fire' by Frank Hayes

Parody by Daniel Kelly – October 2020

Don’t forget to tune your lyre, your audience will thank you 
When strumming strings out of accord, they surely will berate you,
Don’t sing the one about the king, the lusty maid or broken ring,
Yes, don’t forget to tune your lyre.

Refine your hammers, imbue your playing with a fire
And don’t forget to tune your lyre

Don't open with a song by Bob; Everyone has heard them
No blowing in the flamin’ wind, or mister Tamborine men,
You’ll come across a painful bore, by knocking upon heaven’s door
Don't open with a Dylan song

Don't shy away from Leonard Cohen, he’s really a great writer
Though some may find his work depressed, nothing could be lighter
So sing of death and lack of sex, from vague religious aspects,
Don't shy away from Leonard Cohen

Don't start a song you cannot end; it’s sure to draw abuses
When someone asks you for ‘Free Bird', be sure to make excuses
If only thirty people hear, you'll have more followers next year
Don't start a song you cannot end.

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