Hey Jupiter

By Daniel Kelly – 2020

G               C                    D
Hey Jupiter, I hope you’re doing well,
G                          Em
It’s been a while since we last met,
Am              C
at the Aquarian hotel,
C                       D
I hope your family is doing fine,
Bm            C
Say hi to Ganymede,
Am              C
I’ve been thinking about Terra,
           C    D        G
And the people that we freed.

Well I remember, last time that we met,
Over 400 hundred years ago,
It was hard to forget,
The height of their renaissance,
Wasn’t that a show,
But now they don’t believe the earth is round
And the gods they do not know.

The age of Aquarius, was meant to end the hate,
Teach them about compassion,
And how to change their fate,
Instead they’re craving anarchy,
And Idols made of men,
I know that you’ve been thinking,
That it’s time to start again

Hey Jupiter, before we go our ways,
I hope you can remember,
Humans had better days,
And maybe with a little time,
They’ll return to the path,
Let go of their hatred,
And find true love at last

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