600 Songs

by Daniel Kelly 2019

Well the journey of six hundred miles,
      C                 G
Starts with that first foot forward,
      Em                Bm
And you’ll never see the mountain top,
      C                 D
Just sharpening your sword,
C                 G
Head out on your adventure
      C                 G
Who knows what friends you’ll find?
      C                 D                 G
And what shadows of yourself you’ll leave behind

G           C
Six hundred songs,
C           G
Six hundred stories,
            C                 D
Six hundred friends along the way,
      C           D                 G
Just dropping by to say, life is fine.

Your six hundred page novel,
Isn’t going to write itself,
And you know your mothers fiddle,
Gathers dust up on the shelf,
Find your voice within the silence,
Pick your path between the thorns,
And you’ll be dancing in the forest with the fauns,

There must be six hundred reasons,
To hide away your light,
From the haters and the doubters,
The prowlers in the night,
But if you don’t shine for others,
How will they ever see?
What a magic burst of colour they can be.



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