Letters From Hell

By Daniel Kelly

There are vampires and witches,
Zombies, ghouls and ghosts,
Am                 C
the mummy from a pyramid,
and skeletons on posts,
Am                                     Dm
But the most terrifying monster, that I have ever seen,
C                Am         G           Am
Is hatred in the heart of a fellow human being,

     Am                           Dm
I’ll tell to you a story, of Halloween not long ago,
Am             C         G
A family in America, a shopping they did go,
Am                           Dm
Decorations for a party, bought from a local store,
C                  Am                 G              E7
Instead of what they bargained for, they got a little more.

Inside there was a letter, from a thousand miles away,
Carefully they opened it, to see what it did say,
Here in China we’re being tortured, forced to work like slaves
In the Masanjia labour camp, where this fake gravestone is made.

We work for 15 hours, each day without a rest,
Taken from our families, starved beaten and oppressed,
I’m here for learning Falun Gong, a good and righteous way,
Please share my message with the world, before I fade away

Sun Yi escaped his prison, the Parties crimes exposed,
A movie shown around the world, now every body knows,
Though Sun Yi reached Indonesia, became a refugee,
The secret service tracked him down, in death he now is free.


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