Before You Were Born

by Daniel and Hugh Kelly

G                    C
When I was a kid, before you were born,
   D                       G
I used to have, my own unicorn
G                          C
His name was Kevin, he lived outside
D                               G
Me and my friends would take him out for a ride.

C                          G
But now I’ve got you brothers,
C                    D
And my life just isn’t the same,
G             Em     Bm           C
But there’s nothing I’d trade for you in the world,
G               D          G
I’m happy you joined the game

When I was younger, before you came along,
I had a dragon, from Koonongwootong,
He could breathe out fire, toast my marshmallows,
His name was Ping, the friendliest of fellows.

Before you arrived, I rode dinosaurs,
Flew with the vampires and dug with dwarves,
I met with the fairy queen, down under the ground,
My life was exciting, before you were around.

(to chorus)
I know there’ll be new adventures, And magic for us to find,
And the things that I’ll do, together with you,
Are sure gonna blow my mind.

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