Before You Were Born

by Daniel and Hugh Kelly

G                    C
When I was a kid, before you were born,
   D                       G
I used to have, my own unicorn
G                          C
His name was Kevin, he lived outside
D                               G
Me and my friends would take him out for a ride.

C                          G
But now I’ve got you brothers,
C                    D
And my life just isn’t the same,
G             Em     Bm           C
But there’s nothing I’d trade for you in the world,
G               D          G
I’m happy you joined the game

When I was younger, before you came along,
I had a dragon, from Koonongwootong,
He could breathe out fire, toast my marshmallows,
His name was Ping, the friendliest of fellows.

Before you arrived, I rode dinosaurs,
Flew with the vampires and dug with dwarves,
I met with the fairy queen, down under the ground,
My life was exciting, before you were around.

(to chorus)
I know there’ll be new adventures, And magic for us to find,
And the things that I’ll do, together with you,
Are sure gonna blow my mind.

About Daniel Kelly

Daniel Kelly is a singer/songwriter from Yass in Australia.
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